Fighting flies and spending huge amounts of money on toxic bug sprays are the bane of nearly every horse owner’s summers. Flies not only cause pain when they bite, but horses with allergies to flies, gnats, and other insects suffer from a multitude of sores and unhealthy looking coats. Horses drive themselves to obsessive stomping, which really messes up a good trim fast. The cost of a dozen bottles of fly insecticide that may work for an hour or don’t work at all is not another expense to look forward to this summer! So Sox for Horses, Inc. didn’t stop with making Whinny Warmers® to keep horse legs warm in the winter. We knew the next step was to bring horses nontoxic, effective, comfortable, cool relief from biting flies in the form of a simple summer sock.

Summer WhinnysSummer Whinnys® provide all equines with a non-pesticide source of leg protection from biting flies! Our equine socks are made from a high-tech, durable polyester yarn; they are designed to stay in place for hours by using a safe level of elastic compression, in a cool compact knit that is nearly impossible for biting flies to penetrate! The fibers of our yarn contain silver and copper ions that are naturally antimicrobial and continually inhibit the growth of many strains of bacteria, mold, and fungi on the socks. The silver and copper ions will not wash or leach out and will last for the life of the socks!

Learn more about silver and copper Ion technology by going to www.fosshield.com.

We’ve made a high-tech sock for your horse’s legs that most likely are higher quality socks than the ones you wear yourself, unless of course, you already know how great wearing socks with Fosshield™ can be.

Add a couple sets of Summer Whinnys® to your tack room. Keep them near your saddle rack so that when your horse comes in from work, you can put them on and reward your horse with a rested and comfortable remainder of its’ day. Summer horse apparel isn’t complete without Summer Whinnys®.

More Information about Summer Whinnys®

Go to Summer Whinnys® FAQs for information regarding Summer Whinnys®.

summer whinnysDo not ride or exercise your horse if it’s wearing our socks! We've never had a horse injured because a sock came off, but you don't want to be on board if it happens because the horse could trip or stumble. Summer Whinnys® are protection against biting flies in the summer. Whinny Warmers® are meant to help keep a horse warm and comfortable in the winter and both should only be on a horse when it's resting in its stall, or when it’s hanging out in the pasture or paddock.

Sox For Horses, Inc. makes no claims that Summer Whinnys® will heal or prevent conditions on the legs. Go to www.fosshield.com for more information about the silver and copper ion technology.

Short Version Summer Whinnys®

white socks swatchThe short version of the Summer Whinnys™ was created for a USET veterinarian who often treats horses suffering from Equine Pastern Dermatitis such as Summer Sores, (Habronemiasis) and performance boot abrasions. As most conditions were located on the top of the hoof, the pastern and the fetlock (ankle). This short sock is ideal for protecting these conditions from the ravages of biting insects and maintaining a clean environment useful for reducing dirt, debris and bacteria near any pre-existing wounds. We've also gotten great feedback with owners who are using this sock as a means of to protect equine “bed sores”.

Purchase Summer Whinnys®

Mini in Summer WhinnysSummer Whinnys® can be purchased here on our web site by ordering on line, or by sending a US Postal money order with the printable order form available on our site. If PayPal is not your cup of tea, call us at 850-907-5718. We will be happy to talk to you about our socks for horses. It is our goal to have our socks available all over America in your local feed and tack stores as soon as possible. We support local merchants. Let us know how to contact your local feed and tack stores and we will do our best to get our socks on the shelves for you.
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